The name Boltshauser is first mentioned in the public records of Frauenfeld in 1295! Further records are missing until the year 1590.The Boltshauser reunions take place since 1897 !


Master father Jakob, born in 1590, lived in Schnellberg

His sons:

  • Daniel, 1615, become extinct
  • Kaspar, 1616, no kids
  • Kaspar, 1618
  • Jakob, 1620
  • Heinrich, 1626, become extinct
  • Joseph, 1630
  • Zacharias, 1634, become extinct
  • Hans Konrad, 1644 (2nd marriage), become extinct

The oldest entries for the name Boltshauser/Boltschhuuse read:

  • 865 Pollereshusa
  • 1294 Burchardo de Boltshusen
  • 1301 Burchart de Boltshusen
  • 1300 der Boltshuser
  • 1356 Boltshusen family name, house owner in Konstanz
  • 1365 Bolschhuser, citizen of Konstanz
  • 1356 two possibilites: Boltshusen, Bolshuser

Pollereshusa‚ close to the houses of the Bollsers’, a typical name of the 3rd stage of development –ingen, -inghofen, und –wil within the "allemanic" settlement. The family name Boller belongs to Swiss German ‚boll’, ‚hill’, ‚crest’ (today Bööl oder Büel). The family name Boller is derived from the village name ‚Boll’, which is quite common in Switzerand. Also the name Boller is often found in old documents. The family name: not citizen of Boltschhusen, because one became only in Konstanz or elsewhere a Boltshauser, thus one, which is tightened to Boltshausen. The origin as a motive for the family name is quite common, as for example Rutishauser, Bornhauser.